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Books And Other Things I Am Working On

Unless otherwise noted, these are works in progress. 

ETERNAL MOURNING- A book about a woman who is murdered. Though she is dead, the story revolves around her and the way she impacted people around her. Modern-day crime scene investigators scramble to find out what happened to the innocent young woman before there is another victim. (Genre-   Crime)

HEAD OVER HEELS- A story about a string of murders and the lengths some will go to solve them. When a by-the-book police officer is encountered with a woman from his past, he is faced with the realization that he cannot focus on his case and the woman he once loved at the same time. He is forced to make a choice between saving lives and bettering his own. Little does he know, there are forces working against him the whole time. (Genre-   Fantasy, Crime)

HOLD HER LOOSELY- The tale of a young woman in a dangerous relationship. Though everyone around her tells her to stay away from the man who claims to love her, she stays with him until the bitter end. Based on a true story. (Genre-   Crime, Biography)

IT COMES TO THIS- The story of a suicidal teenager and his views on the world around him. He is faced with all sorts of positive and negative encounters from everyone around him. With an ending that is sure to draw a tear or two, this is one of more emotional works so far. (Genre-  Fiction)

JUST ONE MORE- A terrifying tale of two police officers and a creature that bids them to partake in murderous acts. Each time, the creature promises the release of their souls after "Just one more" act after another. The officers are forced to decide if they will save their own lives or save the world. However, the decision will not come easy after the creature shows the officers cold, hard facts about the world. (Genre-  Horror)

LIFE AFTER DEATH- A look at what life is like for people who have survived suicide or murder attempts. This book covers how society treats these people, as well as their own views upon the matter of death, life, and life after death.  (Genre-  Biography)

MIDNIGHT EYES- A story about a succubus trying to persuade a romance author to continue his work after a failed novel. Little does he know, his writing is the only thing that has been keeping her alive. However, there are outsiders who would love to see the succubus dead, so their love becomes an immortal struggle. (Genre-  Romance, Fiction)

MIKILI'S MEMORIES- A heart-breaking story about an array of young men wo go to war for different reasons. Once they discover war is not what the songs speak of, it is too late. They have all lost more than they thought possible. Told by two men in a pub as it snows, this story is sure to change the reader's mind about the romance of the battlefield. (Genre- Fantasy, War, Romance)

MOON OF HOLY BLOOD- A book about several different characters, all with less than stellar motivations. The charaters work together in order to accomplish something grand, but all are planning on crossing over the other soon. (Genre-  Fantasy)

MOONLIGHT CONATA- A story about an assassin with a grim past. Through a srtange set of events, she finds herself leader of a clan of preternatural beings that no one even knew existed. Now thrust into a world where she isn't the most dangerous player, she struggles to assert herself while finding out the true value of life. (Genre-   Fantasy)

PAINTING PEARLS AND DIAMONDS- The story of a beautiful young painter's apprentice. She looks on as a beautiful model catches the eye of her master, who she loves. In retaliation, her paintings of the beautiful model are ugly and cruel. Making a name for herself, she discovers that that there is more to a painting than the foreground.  (Genre-  Romance)

SILENCE- The story of the beginning of time, who was there, and how they feel about the world as it is today. With this book, it is the humans who are alien. (Genre-  Science-Fiction)

SING TO THE SKY- A book about having a crippling medical condition that no one can stop. No one knows what is wrong with a little girl, and no one knows how to help her. Though it is the little girl who is suffering, it is the ones around her who hurt the most. At the end, those who were close to this little girl left with more knowledge than they knew what to do with. And not the kind of knowledge one gets from a medical journal. (Genre-  Health, Mystery, Fiction)

SORROW SPARROW- The tragic tale of a young man who is handed an awful hand in life. Origionally from a loving, caring home, young Cherub finds himself thrust into a world where no one is your friend. He finds gangs, drugs, and prostitution as a substitute for what he wanted all along- love. When the conclusion of his life is brought to light the question left is "Why?". (Genre- Crime, Drama, Fiction)

STRAWBERRY SILK- When a beautiful young woman comes into the small town of Silken Fields, rumors spread along with desires. It seems that every man in the town would like to see themselves with the beautiful woman. The only problem? She doesn't want any one of them. She wants the one who has been dead for years, but still lurks in the shadows. (Genre-  Horror, Romance)

THE ASSASSIN- The brutal tale of a gun-for-hire who, thinking it would be a great challenge, obtains control of a nation for a man who is insane. As he stands to the side he watched the world he created burn. When the woman he loves is cauht in the cross-fire, there's no choice but to run. But how do you run from a man who will turn the world over to find you? You can't. The only thing to do is go face-to-face. (Genre-  Crime, Fiction)

THE CUP AND THE CAULDRON- A young woman is granted passage into a secret tribe. To become a member, she has to give up everything she has ever known, but it seems like a fair trade; the tribe she is entering is beautiful and well-known. Little does she know, all that glitters is not gold. (Genre- Fantasy, Horror)

THE` DASANT- An older gentleman tires of his luxurious life. Deciding, finally, to go out with a bang, he hires a young man to tie up his affairs when he is gone. When the old man dies, the young man is forced to handle with what the old man started before his death- the next World War.  (Genre- War, Fiction)

THE DOLL MAKER- The most talented sculpter in Italy is brought face-to-face with a god who would give him an amazing power before his death. The sculpter is allowed to sculpt a female form who would become the savior of the world. One wrong move, and she would become the leader of the end of the world instead. (Genre- Historical, Fantasy, Romance)

THE FAMILIAR- After the Witch Hunt is over, thousands of Witch's Familiars are left without a master to control them. One steps from the ranks and creates an amazing society within our own society. All the while, they are urging the revival of the Witches from the days of old. (Genre- Fantasy, Historical)

THE FOUR TREES- The gods have abandoned their children. Slumbering in a Great Hall until time comes to revive, the world around them burns. A young creature, born of no real race, rises to take charge with help of her blinded friend. Together they fight to wake the gods, convince them that the world is worth saving, and complete the last war. However, they find that this is easier said than done. (Genre-  Science-Fiction, Romance, Drama)

THE MUSEUM- The story about a young man who is suddenly placed in charge of an old mansion turned museum. Through a strange and frightening twist of events, he finds out that he is not alone in the museum and those he thought were living might not be. All he knows is that the thing in the basement has to stay trapped. Someone else has a different opinion. (Genre-  Paranormal, Horror, Romance)

THE NEVER-ENDING NIGHT- The heart-breaking story of a young woman who was abused to the point of death as a child. As an adult, she is a case worker with a strange power- she can make children retaliate to their abusers in the most violent of ways. One day, a cat shows up on her doorstep with a terrifying feature- when she and the cat are alone, the cat unhinges its jaws and lets out the tortured screams of children who need her help. With the help of her girlfriend, our hero starts off on a journey to find out who she is, who (or what) the strange cat on her doorstep is, and to save the lives of a group of children who are being held hostage somewhere off the coast. (Genre- Horror, Crime, Fiction)

TO FIND A SHADOW- The story of a little girl who can step into shadows and into other worlds. This "shadow-hopping" can bring her anywhere in the world, so long as there is enough light to cast a shadow. Eventually, she is trapped by those who would seek her powers. Surrounded by darkness, she cannot escape. (Genre- Fiction, Comedy)

WATERFALS AND WAR- The tale of a forest sprite who is constantly living with the repricutions of the humans and their wars. When he witnesses his beloved waterfalls turn red with blood, he decides that humans are past their expiration date and goes about trying to urge them to leave the planet by any means necessary. A young human woman tries to convince him otherwise. Will she be too late? (Genre- Fantasy, Romance, Comedy)

WHERE SHE SLEEPS NOW- The story of a young girl who can see into people's dreams. When she comes across a dream-like prophesy, she tries to warn people around her of the impending doom, but no one will listen. Why won't anyone listen to her dreams? (Genre- Fiction, Crime, War)