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I Am About To Turn 21... What Have I Accomplished?

Posted by Miranda La Belle on March 29, 2013 at 7:35 PM

Title says it all, really. 

I am about to turn 21. For years I thought that this would be the age that I stop counting birthdays. As a child, I remember thinking that 21 was so far away and that it was an age which could be considered to be "old". Am I old? Is it too late to "be anybody"? Nah.

What have I accmoplished so far? 

Well, there is one thing. This one little thing actually means the very most to me. Happiness. I have achieved happiness. In a cold and abysmal world, I have achieved happiness. 

I have written several books and my noggin' is producing more and more everyday. This is something to celebrate. This is something to enjoy. 

I am in college right now obtaining my BA for Cognitive Science. From there, I want to get my Masters and Doctorate in Psychology. I want to work with children, helping the smallest victims of the cold world. 

I have a plan. I have happiness. I have creativity. 

I am about to turn 21. I do not feel old and I do not feel like I am going to quit counting birthdays. I think I am going to continue on in the path I have carved for myself.

And, don't you know, I am ecited. 

Love to all <3


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